Starting Up Your 供应链情况下

Scaling up and implementation are some of the most exciting and challenging times for start ups. To be successful at this stage, one of the things that you have to begin to build and streamline is your supply chain. 稽查员’ 创业公司 Team is experienced in building supply chains for all industries and products to help set up you and your company for long-term success.




Get stuff, make stuff, then move it. 看起来简单. But what about distribution, mode of transportation, documentation, cargo insurance, 海关及法规遵从? Not to mention each country has their own rules, 监管s, and trade agreements.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a partner to help you answer those questions? A partner big enough and experienced enough to help you navigate this transition, with dedicated people who specialize in start up strategies. Well, 稽查员 is that partner. 


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We're here for you – start with our guidebook, 它涵盖了基础知识, 术语, 需要考虑的事情. When you’re ready, reach out. 


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在全球环境下, 复杂程度, 监管, and potential cost can make or break the growth of a company from a start up into an established player. 


是的, while certain requirements do apply, we can extend credit through an application process designed specifically for start up companies. Please contact your 稽查员 representative for details.

是的, we have a robust systems platform with customer-facing applications that include 订单管理, shipment booking, tracking & tracing, reporting, and analytics. We also have applications to maintain master item-level compliance information, perform supply chain modeling (aka digital twin), 以及其他重要功能. We have technology solutions to meet your needs in any stage of growth.

是的, as a member of our start up shippers program, you will have a single point of contact available to you, 在你的区域, 满足你所有的需求. 从订舱开始, 定位集装箱, answering a billing question, 或者其他任何东西, you and your colleagues will have one person to call.

作为项目的一员, you will have access to all of the information and news that we provide to our entire customer base. 除了, you will have access to educational opportunities, 比如课程和研讨会, held at our offices or yours. If you purchase the Logistics Start Up Kit, you will also receive exclusive complimentary access to seminars on special topics such as INCOTERMS, 进口合规, 分类, 出口管制, 风险管理, 等. Start Up Kit customers will also have access to support and coaching to review your processes and recommend the right combination of logistics consulting services.

是的. Through our compliance consulting subsidiary, Tradewin, we can help you review products under development for issues like materials, 分类, 包装, source, 原产国, 等. to help you understand the import, 出口, and transportation implications, as well as your landed cost. Tradewin’s services are included in the Logistics Start Up Kit and can also be engaged separately.


供应链 Solutions: The Digital Twin

Digital Twin technology is making its way into the logistics space, and with it are new ways for organizations to experiment, 原型, and implement new strategies to keep their supply chains strong. Vice President Ian Mallison and Senior Manager Jarrett Hendricks from 供应链 Solutions discuss the history of Digital Twins, their impact on other industries, and how they are improving the way freight forwarders can service their customers.