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It's Time for Smart Cargocase

 The evolution and advancement of IoT (internet of things) technology has led us to being surrounded by connected devices. Smart phones, smart watches, smart homes…smart things are everywhere. When physical objects can connect to the internet and give you the ability to view their data or make changes through a digital platform - that’s IoT. And now IoT is coming to the logistics industry, making “Smart Cargo” a reality.




Cargo Signal's Difference

An investment in IoT is an investment in supply chain resilience. Our single-use devices don’t require reverse logistics, are compliant on all modes and can be installed in a few seconds. With the proliferation of climate/weather events, political unrest, and digital disturbances, having the data from the IoT devices on your cargo can help you stay informed, involved, and in control of your supply chain, despite the disruptions.

Neutrality & Data Privacy

Cargo Signal is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Expeditors International. Our platform is neutral and available to all shippers. All data is private and exclusive. Access to the platform requires user authorization. We understand that when it comes to business, privacy is of the utmost importance. That's why we've made sure our platform is completely secure and confidential - so you can rest easy knowing your data is always in good hands.


Get Real-Time Visibility

IoT sensors get attached to specific storage containers and transmit their location, which is then picked up by GPS satellites and used to track the movement of goods. This information is invaluable in keeping track of shipments and inventory. Learn more here




Track the Arrival of Goods

By tracking the speed of movement and traffic flow of products, it's much easier to predict how goods will move through the supply chain. This information can help suppliers, manufacturers, and distribution centers prepare to receive goods, reduce handling times, and ensure efficient processing of materials. Learn more here.


Monitor Storage Conditions

IoT devices can monitor temperature, humidity, exposure to atmosphere, light intensity, and other environmental factors. These devices will trigger an alarm if certain thresholds are breached. This makes it much easier to track the quality of goods through the supply chain and to reduce spoilage. Learn more here


Streamline Operations

IoT devices can help identify where and when goods are delayed in transit. This information can then be used to create contingency plans and alternative routes, speeding up the entire process. Learn more here


Episode 23 | Digital Solutions: Visibility & IoT

How does connected, smart cargo do more for you? In this episode of the Expeditors Podcast, we return to our series on Digital Solutions with Global Director of Cargo Signal Randy Gould to learn how the Internet of Things is bringing change to the logistics industry and what that means for visibility and supply chain resilience.



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